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We are Ryanair Virtual

Ryanair VA is a Virtual Airline founded in early June, conceived and founded by Lorenzo, one of the best-known and most used companies in Europe. Our advantages are the reproduction of the real European Ryanair wheels. Especially since Ryanair covers all of Europe. It forms the largest part of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines and has Ryanair UK, Buzz, Malta Air, and Lauda as sister airlines.


Compared to reality, Ryanair serves three hubs in Europe: Dublin International Airport, London Stansted Airport, and Milan Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. Having many bases all over Europe, we manage to break the competition in routes. With more than 500 routes, we cover all of Europe from east to west.


Within Ryanair Virtual, we have a simple but sophisticated rank system for the community within Infinite Flight.

A Big Fleet

Our fleet consists of Ryanair's main aircraft: the classic 737-800, used for all Ryanair routes. The very simple and classical plane, which carries hundreds of passengers across Europe. Then we have Lauda, which with its A319-100 in Airberlin livery, also carries hundreds of passengers throughout Europe, a very practical and comfortable aircraft, a European classic. Air malta operates in generic livery, also a 737-800. From the Malta Hub, it connects routes throughout Europe. All AirSun, Buzz routes. They are operated by Ryanair 737-800 aircraft. A domestic fleet is very very suitable for the routes we maintain.

Staff Team

Our staff is chosen thanks to their skills. This guarantees maximum professionalism and safety!

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FRVA Pilots

Malta Air Boeing 737-800 | Description

The 737 Malta Air, in generic livery, is the main aircraft of Malta Air, and is used for all its routes.

  • Honourable Chief Captain
  • 2500h +
  • Special Operations

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 | Description

The 737-800 is Ryanair's main aircraft, carrying millions of passengers across Europe.

  • Trainee
  • Second Officer
  • First Officer
  • Main Operations

Lauda Airbus A319-100 | Description

The A319 Laudamotion, in the beautiful airberlin livery, used for domestic routes from the base in Vienna and from all over central Europe.

  • Captain
  • Senior Captain
  • Chief Captain

Ranking System

Within Ryanair Virtual we have a simple and sophisticated rank system for the community within Infinite Flight

Trainee - 0h

The Trainee is the first rank, how you start your career as a virtual pilot with Ryanair Virtual.

Second Officer - 20h

The Second Officer rank is the first stage of the adventure with Ryanair Virtual. This rank is reached with 20 hours of flight.

First Officer - 50h

The First Officer is the grade where you begin to feel the career. This rank is reached with 50 hours of flight.

Captain - 80h

The Captain Rank is where you unlock the beautiful A319-100 operating Lauda routes. This rank is reached with 80 hours of flight.

Senior Captain - 150h

The rank Senior Captain unlocks and takes the 737-800 MaltaAir with him. The experience advances, and you will get bigger. This rank is reached with 150 hours of flight.

Chief Captain - 500h

The rank Chief Captain is the most coveted rank hard to reach, it takes honor and responsibility. This rank is reached with 500 hours of flight.


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Here is our team, super prepared and ready to help you. If you want, you can contact a member of our team directly. Through contact, click on the Infinite Flight Community logo!

Lorenzo Befumo


Dario Greco

Deputy President

Finley Ready

HR Manager

Josh Tedla

Recruit Manager

Davide Casati

Event Manager

Eleven Aviation

Flight Supervisor


Flight Supervisor

Ben Jones

Flight Supervisor


Public Relations Manager


Here is our contact department, if you have any problems or questions, you can contact us through our email address, or you can always visit our forum on IFC, and contact a staff.

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Dublin Airport, Ireland

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